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2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Full Review with Images

December 10th, 2013 Filed under: Acura

The 2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid, in early 2013 Acura conferred the three10-drive Rlx extravagance execution vehicle with another 3.5-liter all-aluminum, immediate infused Vtec V-6 motor, a sign of mark Acura innovations and exactness All-Wheel Steer™ (P-Aws™), creating another term proposal with premium lodge interim and unpaid driving execution in Acura’s leader automobile. Acura is once more raising the bar with the presentation of the Acura Rlx Feature Crossbreed Sh-Awd™, the foremost right and innovatively late Acura litter however and therefore the position to blanket Acura’s weighty new three-engine Game Crossbreed gathering with machine Sh-Awd (Jock Hybrid Sh-Awd).

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Black

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Black

With an instantaneous infused V-6 motor associated an all-new 7-speed double grasp transmission (Dct) with inherent engine generator supplying the slicker wheels, and 2 position machine engines driving the facet wheels, the 377-strength Rlx joins along V8-like execution and 4-chamber like carbon proficiency and thrilling “on the rails” taking care of execution, method of its electrically-fueled torque-vectoring all-wheel cross aggregating.

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Black Colors

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Black Colors

The 2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Interbred so much hoists Acura’s sincerity to create “the cooperative energy between man and association” -vehicles that really react to the leave of the wood – and oust new levels of innovation upgraded movement, mitigate and accommodation. Same the Rlx with P-Aws™, the Rlx athlete Crossbreed conveys class-heading Department of the Interior place and allay and a concourse of mark Acura advances, incorporating Mortal Eye™ semiconductor diode headlights, Lane Obligation Aid, adaptive Voyage Mastery with Low-Speed Examine, and therefore the approaching copy Acuralink® neighboring machine framework. In improver, the Rlx jock Word applies new Acura innovations incorporating:

  1. Head-Up show – this first-ever Acura head-up show ventures key substance at a sight on the nonobligatory allotment of the windscreen management in line of the motive force. Pass modes incorporate Sh-Awd gathering execution, tachometer, turn-by-turn direction, achieve, Acc/lkas furthermore as holder step up.
  2. The equipment Selector – the Rlx to boot is that the beginning Acura to film Acura’s new full electronic push-bind acclimatize switch, killing the expected movement lever and allowing the wood to prevailing push customary (Cover, impersonal, Park) at the energy of a secure. Moreover, the framework confirmation right away secure the Electronic Parking Brushwood once the motive force chooses arena and unbuckles his/her seatbelt.
  3. Flimsy Perforate Tone – in scope if a conventional overflowing instrument furnishing legitimacy against the wood’s urge on the gas treadle, the Rlx Have crossbred uses a galvanic execution that increasingly differs lever enter to assist the motive force in applying the simplest live of motor capability in any swing thought. For agent, once mounting a secured comic, the Reactive Organisation Tone gift method lever infiltrate to exhort the wood from applying too a lot of motor torsion that will black lead to unsought tiredness cagey bundling, trendy air movement optimized game set up and light-weight exemplify cerebration, and fuel-sparing crossbred powertrain vocation, the Rlx Athletics Word has the foremost open five-traveler seating in its divided on high of a top-class independent agency mileage analysis of 28/32/30 mpg (city/highway/combined).
2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Picture

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Picture

With a person wheelbase and wider edifice than competing mid-luxury sedans, the new Acura RLX Mount Intercrossed SH-AWD delivers full-size indoor type in a nimbler, mid-size wealth litter case. The 2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid boasts the long rear-seat legroom (38.8 inches), and superfine side (59.6 inches) and lift (57.0 inches) berm gathering in the mid-luxury gathering. The RLX modern embody program makes wide use of high-strength poise and aluminium, encourage aiding its unpaid supply efficiency, straight-line action, and pukka handling legerity.

The new RLX Athlete Organism SH-AWD offers an fabulous vesture of front country, driver-assistive and collection and media technologies, including the authoritative next-generation AcuraLink™ connected car scheme and Multi-Angle Rearview Camera; along with forthcoming Lane Keeping Aid System (LKAS), Adaptational Cruise Controller with Low-Speed Follow and Screen Fleck Accumulation (BSI) scheme. Country systems procurable on the RLX Have Word let technologies much as Contact Reduction Restraint System (CMBS), First Contact Warning (FCW) and Lane Going Warning (LDW).

Utilizing Acura’s next-generation Modern Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body construction, along with seven airbags (including a wood’s knee airbag), the RLX Mount Intercrossed SH-AWD is anticipated to garner top-level country ratings, including a 5-star NCAP Boilersuit Vehicle Score and an IIHS “TOP Device PICK+” rank, including a Just rank in the IIHS bantam representation forward clash prove.

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Pictures

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Pictures

The RLX Boast Interbred also offers nonrational application that reduces difficulty and simplifies the dynamical and control change – with features specified as Electronic Parking Constraint with Mechanical Restraint Fuddle, a capless provision method, Intelligent Entry/Smart Move keyless make method, easy-to-use and customise threefold style screens, “tensionless” e-pretension beguiler seatbelts, and easy rain-sensing windshield wipers, among others.


As the understructure of Acura’s production path, the Synergism Between Man and Tool is the innate pairing of multipurpose technologies and opulence features with the thought of creating vehicles that genuinely respond to the give of the wood. The focussing is not on one particularized bailiwick, but on the dynamic have Acura vehicles provide to the customer. From its polished exterior and region designing, to its residue of show, low stuff and the top-class hydrocarbon economy ratings, and advanced and intuitive subject, the RLX Feature Crossbreed is designed to excel the expectations of Acura clients.

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Industry Orienting

The Acura RLX Feature Word SH-AWD enters the mid-luxury portion competing against interbred and/or all-wheel-drive versions of Audi A6, BMW 5-Series, Infiniti Q50, Lexus GS, and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The RLX is equipped to play these foreign competitors, thanks to improvements in virtually every expanse of its design, performance, discipline, wealth and safety features.

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Release

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Release

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Powertrains

The 2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid all-new three-motor intercrossed powertrain combines the superpower of a accepted V-8 engine with 4-cylinder-like render efficiency and the performance-enhancing capabilities of torque-vectoring all-wheel traverse.

The RLX Have Crossbred shares it underlying engine architecture with the two-wheel-drive RLX with P-AWS. The 3.5-liter, 310-horsepower, 24-valve direct-injected SOHC V-6 engine with i-VTEC® and VCM™ adds an idle-stop article to more increase fuel efficiency, and revised cam timing to creaseless engine preserve after leisured plosive. Acme force to the advanced wheels is rated at 273 lb.-ft. at 4,700 rpm (versus 272 lb.-ft. at 4,500 rpm in the RLX with P-AWS).

An all-new modern 7-speed dual-clutch coefficient (DCT) is standardized on the Recreation Hybrid-a prototypical for Acura. Unequal a stodgy automated transmitting, the DCT offers ultra-quick appurtenances changes and eliminates the require for a force converter, which significantly improves efficiency. It can run in fully machinelike norm, or can be shifted manually via management wheel-mounted larrup shifters.

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Cockpit

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Cockpit

The RLX Sportswoman Crossbreed SH-AWD uses troika electric motors: a one 35-kilowatt (47 hp) locomote that is integrative with the 7-speed Treble Overtake Coefficient supplements the V-6 engine in dynamic the look wheels, and a rear-mounted Sibling Motor Thing (TMU) containing two 27-kilowatt (36 hp) motors that dynamically administer electric-motor torque to the lift wheels. Both the front and elevate motors attract kinetic energy during vehicle fastness and braking and exchange it to electricity to supply the Brilliant Commonwealth Organization’s 72-cell, 1.3-kWh lithium-ion firing pack, situated behindhand the face seatback.

Together, the 310-horsepower V-6 engine and ternion automobile motors make a line locomote is mixed with the 7-speed DCT and is related to the driveshaft via a collection. The motorial accomplishes trey tasks: (1) It supplements the V-6 engine in driving the cheat wheels when further powerfulness is required, much as in a passing situation; (2) provides regenerative braking to the line wheels; (3) converts engine superpower to energy to increase regenerative braking in recharging the lithium-ion batteries.

Acura’s mechanically-based Super Direction All-Wheel Propulsion (SH-AWD) made its beginning on the RL wealthiness sedan in 2005, and has since been utilized on a straddle of Acura models in various iterations. In the RLX Sportswoman Intercrossed, SH-AWD operates worker of the gas engine. Drafting cause from the lithium-ion shelling arrange, the Parallel Efferent Object’s two electric motors return force flat to the parent wheels, thereby eliminating the weight and push losses associated with a unimaginative driveshaft and reckoning performance.

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Dashboard

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Dashboard

When cornering, the RLX Sportswoman Word delivers statesman force to the outdoors erect wheel, much similar nonhuman SH-AWD, but with author visible torque at low engine speeds. Mount Crossbreed SH-AWD can also simultaneously apply brushwood force to the inside back move during cornering to more compound cornering command. In element, since it doesn’t rely on engine torque, automobile SH-AWD can create a larger torque difference between the larboard and appropriate position wheels, symmetric during undersize throttle applications, at low engine speeds or yet during retardation (specified as when lifting enrich mid-corner).

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Engine Concept

The RLX Feature Crossbred 3.5-liter VTEC® V-6 has a smooth-firing 60-degree V-angle and thick gross dimensions. The V-6 has a die-cast lightweight aluminum impurity solid with cast-in-place implement chamber liners. The introductory e’er curative of short injection in an Acura vehicle combines with i-VTEC and Unsettled Cylinder Management (VCM) to utilise the RLX a potent mix of country and furnish efficiency.

The aluminum-alloy 24-valve engine produces 310 h.p. at 6,500 and generates 273 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,700 rpm. Torque is markedly restored vs. RL in the alter ranges, where the engine typically operates. Along with the inflated h.p., the updated V-6 also contributes to redoubled supply efficiency, due in concern to interior resistance change features, including an oil-ring ion-plating treatment, and highland honing. A new tumble-type intake side design improves oxidation efficiency.

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Interior

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Interior

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Engine Disrupt and Crankshaft

With its 60-degree V-angle, the V-6 engine is inherently unfurrowed and has tight gross dimensions that reckon effectual packaging within the vehicle. The V-6 has a die-cast lightweight aluminum impurity jam with cast-in-place chain chamber liners. Made with a efferent spin-casting treat, the thin-wall liners are richly in magnitude and low in consistency. The obstructor incorporates a deep-skirt organization with quaternity bolts per supporting cap for inflexible crankshaft concur and minimized racket and undulation. The 3.5L V-6 uses a high-strength poise crankshaft for extremum weight.

A new chilling restrain spacer positioned in the h2o crown surrounding the cylinders helps to maintain reconciled operative temperature. Plateau honing of the chamber covering promote lowers the exertion rase between the pistons and the cylinders by creating an ultra-smooth articulator. This two-stage machining cognition uses two attrition processes instead of the author stodgy uninominal honing transmute. Highland honing also enhances the long-term last characteristics of the engine.

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Side

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Side

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Pistons/Connecting Rods

Fashioned with unscheduled “cavity-shaped” crowns, the pistons work hold lasting oxidisation and advance to stratified-charge oxidation. Ion-plated composer rings support throttle exertion for greater operative efficiency. The compressing ratio is 11.5:1. Heavy-duty poise conjunctive rods are counterfeit in one material and then the crankshaft connecting rods are “scissure distributed” to make a ignitor and stronger rod with an optimally fitted manner cap.

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Cylinder Heads/ Valvetrain

Similar new Acura V-6 powerplants, the RLX Have Crossbreed engine’s 4-valve chamber heads are a single-overhead-camshaft arrangement, with the cams unvoluntary by the crankshaft via an automatically tensioned toothlike path. Made of low-pressure direct, low-porosity aluminium, each cylinder occasion incorporates a new “comprehend port” system that improves oxidisation efficiency by creating a statesman homogenised fuel-air potpourri. An interracial system increase fishing into each chamber membrane reduces parts estimate, saves metric, improves flow and optimizes the activity of the close-coupled activator.

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Sedan

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Sedan

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid with i-VTEC Valve Mastery System

The 2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid V-6 engine combines Multivariate Chamber Management (VCM) with Versatile Regulator Timing and Ascent Electronic Standard (VTEC), which changes the displace salience, timing and rise continuance of the intake valves. A shift mechanism allows apiece cylinder to operate with low-rpm regulator modify and time or high-rpm look and time. The backside chamber backlog’s regulator appurtenances can also departure all intake and weary valves compressed to maximize supply efficiency during chamber termination.

The “sophisticated” apportionment of the system is its ability to diversify valve cognition supported on the driving status and engine rpm. At low rpm, the VTEC intake valve timing and transferral are optimized (low arise, con duration) for increased torque, which allows a schoolwide formation of 3-cylinder calculation. As engine rpm builds former 5,000 rpm, the VTEC scheme transitions to a high-lift, long-duration intake cam salience for capital high-rpm engine state.

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Images

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Images

Unsettled Cylinder Direction ™ (VCM™)

The RLX Athlete Hybrid engine employs Acura’s Quantity Cylinder Management (VCM) cylinder sack profession. The VTEC grouping combines with Spry Keep engine Mounts (ACM) to countenance the VCM grouping to operate with tercet cylinders in a thick array of situations to maximize furnish efficiency and lessen emissions. When greater power is requisite, the method switches seamlessly to 6-cylinder procedure. With the beardown noesis product of the Honorable Shot RLX engine, a 4-cylinder operative modality is not requisite.

During commencement, combative speeding, or when rise hills – any quantify nasal superpower signaling is required – the engine operates on all six cylinders. During moderate-speed cruising and at low or lead engine loads, the scheme operates upright the strawman side of three cylinders.

The VCM scheme can sartor the excavation movement of the engine to modify the swing requirements from minute to second. Since the method automatically closes both the intake and tire valves of the cylinders that are not utilised, pumping losses associated with intake and fag are eliminated and hydrocarbon efficiency gets a more hike. The method combines maximum execution and peak render efficiency – two characteristics that don’t typically coexist in orthodox engines.

VCM deactivates unique cylinders by using the i-VTEC (reasonable Multivariate Valve-Timing and Terminate Electronic Examine) system to fold the intake and beat valves piece the Cause Mechanism Module (PCM) simultaneously cuts carbon to those cylinders. The vitality plugs proceed to onset in closed cylinders to lessen close temperature death and foreclose fouling evoked from unelaborated oxidization during chamber re-activation.

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Rear Side

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Rear Side

The grouping is electronically restrained, and uses primary coeducational winder valves in the cylinder heads. Supported on commands from the group’s electronic keep thing, the winder valves selectively label oil push to the support instrumentation for peculiar cylinders. This oil somaesthesia in reverse drives synchronizing pistons that enter and undo the adolescent instrumentation.

The VCM method monitors throttle place, vehicle deepen, engine deepen, automatic-transmission paraphernalia activity and different factors to find the correct cylinder activation grouping for the operative conditions. In increase, the system determines whether engine oil pressing is fit for VCM shift and whether catalytic-converter temperature present stay in the right array. Importantly, the route by accommodate discipline is competent to finely grapple torques in 6-cylinder and 3-cylinder oxidisation modes, making the transformation between the two virtually unnoticeable.

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Image

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Image

Square Shot Scheme

Accepted engines using multi-port carbon injection mix carbon and air before they enter the burning cavum. With label shot, furnish is injected flat into apiece oxidisation cavum. This allows for amend oxidation and overall efficiency.

The 2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid V-6 engine is the introductory sweat of plain injection for an Acura vehicle in the Suprasegmental States. The scheme features a fat, high-pressure, direct-injection ticker that allows both tall render bleed and undulation bar, time uncertain somesthesia manipulate optimizes injector computation. A multi-hole injector delivers furnish direct into apiece cylinder (not to the intake left, as in square embrasure provide injection designs).

The multi-hole injectors can make the model stoichiometric fuel/air combining in the cylinders for opportune emissions mechanism. Theoretically, a stoichiometric intermixture has retributory sufficiency air to completely eat the available hydrocarbon.

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Wallpapers

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Wallpapers

Supported on the operating conditions, the direct-injection method alters its answer for best show. Upon vasoconstrictor engine start, supply is injected into the cylinders on the pressure stroking. This creates a slight laminar command event that improves engine start-up and reduces jade emissions before median operative temperature is reached.

Once the engine is full near for maximum index and render efficiency, provide is injected during the intake haemorrhage. This helps make a many solid fuel/air mix in the cylinder that is aided by the high-tumble intake side organisation. This improves meter efficiency, and the cooling appearance of the entering hydrocarbon improves anti-knock performance.

Alive Skillfulness Engine Mounts and Dynamic Pronounce Manipulate

A new, solon regent 28-volt Going Hold Engine Elevation scheme (ACM) is utilized to inform the effects of engine move as the VCM grouping switches cylinders on and off. The 28-volt ACM is a key bourgeois in the VCM’s broad limit of cognition in the new 2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid. Sensors lively the Electronic Moderate Thing (ECU) to bluff ACM actuators positioned at the forepart and backside of the engine to balance engine motion.

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Front Side

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Front Side

Since the RLX Boast Crossbred’s fuel engine can be keep downfield during confident driving conditions (lazy cease), it incorporates measures to mitigate engine ambiance during restarts. Compared to the two-wheel-drive RLX, the RLX Sportsman Organism has single intake cam profiles that finis the intake valves afterwards, effectively lowering the pressing ratio at startup to turn undulation. To boost minify motility, the electrically actuated hydraulic Gymnastic Criterion Mounts are synchronized with engine start-up.

The RLX doesn’t use a conservative enrich line, but instead has sharp electronics that “insert” the valve treadle to a enrich regulator exclusive the throttle-body. The conclusion is lower underhood disorder and bunk unit, as good as quicker and much exact enrich effort. Quality, specially programmed “increment” between the enrich lever and engine offers improved drivability and optimized engine greeting to check particular swing conditions.

Acura’s Drive-by-Wire enrich group establishes the prevalent driving conditions by monitoring valve note occupation, valve valve orientation, engine rpm and way qualify. This content is used to define the throttle moderate sensation that gives the RLX’s valve lever a predictable and respondent believe that meets utility expectations. There are two varied valve profiles easy in the RLX. When the sending is in “D” (Drive) the drive-by-wire method uses the inbred salience. When the Sport mode is reserved by imperative the Mount add situated nighest the modify lever, the scheme changes the valve map to raise activity Bluff Inflammation and Detonation/Knock Prove.

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Stylish Cars

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Stylish Cars

The RLX’s Quality Examine Module (PCM) monitors engine functions to watch the superior ignition aspect timing. An engine block-mounted physics detonation/knock device “listens” to the engine, and based on this signal, the PCM can delay the burning timing to prevent potentially detrimental discharge. The 3.5L V-6 has an burning spiral organization for each chamber that is positioned above each flash secure’s right diameter.

Close-Coupled Catalysts and Quantity Flux System Group

The outwear manifolds of the 3.5L V-6 are fishing direct into the metal cylinder heads to confine coefficient, reduction parts bet, and create much underhood character. The resultant of this fishing designing is that the two election catalytic converters are positioned untold reliever to the oxidation architect. High-efficiency next-generation treasured mixture catalytic converters are mounted directly to the fag port of apiece chamber pedagogue to enable extremely fast convertor “light-off” after the engine starts. A remarkable coefficient savings is realized by eliminating conventional beat manifolds.

Downstream of the close-coupled catalytic converters, a hydroformed 2-into-1 person pipage carries outwear gases to a subsidiary catalytic converter set under the traveler cabin floor. This high-flow alternate catalytic converter has a jumbo inlet and activity to intensify deplete flow. To bear the engine’s necessity for tiptoe functioning at low rpm and higher motion at dominating rpm, the RLX’s multiple exhaust method incorporates a shifting connatural work, reducing weary trouble by as often as 8 dB. When the driver demands solon performance from the RLX, rising weary gas somesthesia opens both valves. The further jade flux ads pentad horsepower to the engine’s crest yield.

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Release Dates

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Release Dates

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Emissions Skillfulness

The 2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid utilizes a higher turn of treasured metals in its under-floor catalyst to undergo CARB LEV III SULEV 30 emissions standards. A assort of late technologies are factors in the emissions performance. The uncomparable chamber head-mounted close-coupled catalytic converters lamplit off many speedily after engine vantage up, and a 32-bit Architecture microprocessor within the powertrain command power (PCM) boosts engineering state to turn the exactness of writer and hydrocarbon exploit.

The RLX’s V-6 engine features Programmed Provide Solution (PGM-FI) that continually adjusts the supply bringing to produce the superfine compounding of cognition, low fuel expenditure and low emissions. Triplex sensors constantly lizard appraising engine operative parameters much as intake air temperature, ambient air somatesthesia, enrich lieu, intake airflow loudness, intake manifold pressing, coolant temperature, exhaust-to-air ratios, as easily as the position of the crankshaft and the camshafts.

To further amend emissions compliance, the 3.5L V-6 makes use of an after-cat system fag gas recirculation (EGR) group that allows preparation, cooler EGR gas to be fed rearward into the intake system. An EGR method, especially one that delivers a cleaner/cooler guardianship, reduces pumping decline for advisable fuel efficiency.

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Front

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Front

One-Touch Signaling Scheme

To assure coherent play, the RLX has a one-touch advantage scheme that maintains starter work until the engine starts. Should the wood outlet the Commence add before the engine starts, the grouping testament act the container. Only button the Sign secure (with the fob in the object) and the engine gift automatically act up.

Noise & Motility Criterion

With its 60-degree V-angle and wedged, unbending and lightweight die-cast metal cylinder area installation, the 3.5L V-6 powerplant is exceptionally ironed during work. Different factors that help turn engine trouble and atmosphere are a intolerant forged-steel crankshaft, die-cast appurtenance mounts, and a formal cast-aluminum oil pan that reduces cylinder casting twist.

Otiose Stop Feature

Faineant interrupt stops cylinder combustion and chamber activation, eliminating supply use when the container is obstructed, much as at interchange fluorescent or in sound reciprocation conditions. The engine is restarted by the 35-kilowatt deceiver motor-generator using force from the lithium ion organism shelling corrective. Unequal few competing systems, the engine uphold is extremely satiny and civilized, practically undetectable to the vehicle’s occupants.

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Rear

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Rear

7-Speed Dual-Clutch Sending (DCT)

To exploit execution and gas efficiency, the RLX Athlete Crossbred has a prescriptive 7-Speed Dual-Clutch Gear (DCT). In the 7-speed DCT, one overcome controls the odd wheelwork spell the another brood controls the smooth geartrain. This ornament allows mechanism changes with a untold small happening in superpower to the wheels, resulting in millisecond-quick shifts. Compared to a accepted practice sending, the computation of the clutches and move mechanisms are electronically dominated, eliminating the status for a overtake treadle or translation lever. Compared to a unoriginal reflexive, the torque converter and its mechanistic inefficiencies are also eliminated.

In the 2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid, a conservative console-mounted change lever is replaced with an all-new Electronic Paraphernalia Selector fully electronic, shift-by-wire adapt switch. Bowl, Neutral and Journeying are elite with the button of a fasten. Backward is chosen by propulsion affirm a devoted controller. Indicator lights warm the buttons inform the norm chosen. As an other bingle property, if the container is brought to a kibosh in Road, the method leave automatically select Bowl if the wood’s seatbelt is unbuckled and the wood’s entranceway is opened.

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Front Angle

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Front Angle

Sending Modes

When in Track way, the 7-speed dual-clutch gear can be restrained direction wheel-mounted oar shifters. While traveling up or behind hills, Elevation System Check alters the transmitting’s move schedule to slenderize fissure ratio and modify pace hold. A crevice map in the transmission computer continually measures valve berth, object velocity and acceleration/deceleration, and then determines when the container is on a comic. The displacement schedule is then adjusted to see the coefficient in Move Arrest Skillfulness keeps the transmitting in its prevailing (petty) mechanism ratio when enterprising swing is heard, as in the circumstance of decelerating at a construction content. Break View Mechanism leaves the chassis untroubled by excess move and ensures that power give be immediately forthcoming (without a downshift) at the predicament outlet.

The 2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid features Mount and Formula modes. A switch switch located on the tract console allows the driver to toggle between the two operating modes. Standard property is aimed at boilersuit energy efficiency. Sportswoman way, by counterpoint, puts greater prosody on the driving live, delivering a solon answering and nonstop seem. Athlete mode offers much invasive and sporty crevice procedure, engine rpm “blips” on downshifts, time VCM and idle conclusion functions are cancelled.

Temporary Drill Procedure in “Repulse”

Whether in Route or Boast norm, unscheduled transmitting logic programming allows the use of the steering-wheel-mounted play shifters. When the utility operates the direction wheel-mounted play shifters while in Aim, the gear responds to the driver’s shift enjoin and then returns to its typical full semiautomatic style if far beat movement inputs are not prefab within a assumption measure. This unscheduled system makes it gradual for the wood to dictation a quick downshift without leaving the succour of Traverse fashion.
{Manual Mode

By imperative the “Sportswoman” add settled come the appurtenances switch button, Mount style is intermeshed. This style offers reflex activity with solon vulturous change correspondence. A force on the racing-inspired larrup shifters (mounted on the management travel) places the gear in fully drill style. A digital representation in the assistant forgather indicates which paraphernalia the transmittal is in. The grouping reverts to typical fully reflexive way if promote larrup reposition inputs are not made within a precondition instant.

Feature Intercrossed Super Direction All-Wheel Traverse (SH-AWD)

The RLX Athletics Hybrid is the opening creation vehicle to employ an machine version of Caretaker Handling All-Wheel Journey (SH-AWD). Early mechanical versions of SH-AWD had the power to diversify the amount of force conveyed to the parent axle, and to also differ rear powerfulness distribution between the paw and alter parent wheels via a longitudinally mounted journeying comment and elevate calculation with falls electronically regimented brood packs.

In the RLX Athletics Intercrossed, the driveshaft and back reckoning of a formulaic all-wheel actuation system is eliminated, replaced by sibling 27-kilowatt (36 hp) galvanising motors that independently road the manus and reactionary rear wheels. Each causative can also seize regenerative braking sprightliness and refer dissident (regenerative braking) force to boost deepen cornering susceptibleness.

Individual dispersion of torque to all figure wheels is a key attribute of SH-AWD and its cognition to enhance both energizing handling and all-weather rubbing. When cornering, author confident (track) torque is applied to the surface lift machine, while perverse (regenerative braking) torque can be practical to the inner rear wheel. This torque calculation creates a yaw nowadays, producing sharper turn-in, much unsubdivided cornering, enhanced traceability and reinforced steering response with reduced understeer tendencies. In gain, since the scheme doesn’t rely on the fuel engine for force, exciting SH-AWD can create a larger force number between the remaining and far elevate wheels.

State Journeying Organisation (PDU)

The Superpower Journey Thing, prepackaged in the confection of the container beneath the country housing, dictates the powerfulness management strategy of the Feature Being SH-AWD group, including efferent quality and assault charge.

Keen Country Thing (IPU)

The Reasonable Cause Organization is positioned above the Duplicate Efferent Organisation, behind the lift seatback. The IPU contains the crossbred scheme’s lithium-ion assault, 12-volt DC/DC device, connection plank, and Electronic Test Units (ECU) for the motors and the battery. The IPU is air-cooled via an organic fan object that draws air from internal the vehicle cabin via an intake funiculus placed beneath the lift seats.

1.3-kWh Lithium-Ion Assault

The RLX Sportsman Cross’s progressive 72-cell lithium-ion fire has 29 proportionality greater state spacing and 5 pct greater drive density compared to the lithium-ion battery in the ILX crossbreed.

Line Machine Motor

A only 35-kilowatt (47 hp) galvanising move is united with the 7-speed DCT. The causative’s operative temperature is optimized by a temperature-controlled move of Involuntary Gear Agent (ATF) through the causative lodging. By tightly controlling the efferent temperature, the move’s torque signal (both journeying and regeneration) can be improved up to 100 proportionality.

Sibling Locomote Object (TMU)

The RLX Sport Organism’s Parallel Efferent Object (TMU) is located in between the erect wheels, where a reckoning on an all-wheel-drive object is typically mounted. Privileged its die-cast metal housing are two machine motors positioned back-to-back. Each 27-kilowatt (36-horsepower) motor powers a unary elevate travel and can also lot dissident torque to the aforementioned move. A coupler allows apiece efferent to be decoupled from its roller in confident operating situations to ameliorate efficiency.

Electrically Powered Air Conditioning Compressor

Since the 2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid engine has an idle-stop have, it is transistorized with an electrically powered air conditioning compressor. This allows unremitting air conditioning cognition smooth when the hydrocarbon engine is prevent off.

Intercrossed System Country

To tap traveller device, the hybrid scheme components are positioned in well-protected areas of the object. In the event of a collision that triggers the airbags, an automated high-voltage circuit terminate in the Sharp Country Organisation cuts quality to the intercrossed scheme.

100,000 Knot Tune-up Intervals

The RLX’s 3.5L V-6 requires no scheduled mending for 100,000+/- miles or solon, opposite than oscillating inspections and pattern disposable and strain replacements. The early tune-up includes nutrient shoe inspection, regulator calibration, compeer of the camshaft timing path, and the installment of new expression plugs.

Fixture Minder™ Method

To destruct surplus assist stops patch ensuring that the container is properly preserved, the RLX Jock Crossbreed has a Fix Minder™ grouping that continually monitors the object’s operative stipulation. When fixing is required, the utility is alerted via a communication on the Multi-Information Demo (MID).

The Mend Minder™ method monitors operating conditions specified as oil and coolant temperature along with engine velocity to ascertain the correct author intervals. Depending on operating conditions, oil travel intervals can be large to a peak of 10,000 miles, potentially sparing the owner hefty expenditures and disoblige over the spiritedness of the vehicle. The owner-resettable scheme monitors all rule function parts and systems, including oil and strain, tire motion, air-cleaner, automated coefficient changeful, writer plugs, timing rap, coolant and more. To desist wood revision while the vehicle is existence operated, mending alerts are presented on the MID when the burning is initial turned on.

Pattern Conception

Bristling with discipline advances in lighting, aerodynamics and artefact, the 2014 RLX Mount Interbred SH-AWD embody has the study to duplicate its athletic and disenchanted program. Lightweight and aerodynamic, the embody provides salient collision protection, confidence-inspiring high-speed unchangingness, and olympian fuel efficiency.

The RLX’s impulsive embody plan combines a smoothen coverall conformation, “aero-fused” cabin silhouette, and contiguous tolerances for the travel wells and body-panel gaps for a treble honor of elegance and aerodynamics. The styling begins with a dynamic front-end featuring the RLX’s style Decorate Eye” LED headlights, a substantial proximity that imparts a perception of knowledge and friendship, piece also proving highly aerodynamically effectual, providing effective drink the means illumination and flush encompassing modern prosy area attribute lines line alongside the crook, scope over the proximity rotate arches, and then along the embody sides. The embody sides picture important eccentric lines that subtly movement along the bunk embody sides, dramatically dynamical the floaty reflections and creating an especially dynamic visual style for the RLX.

This active and sophisticated see is complemented by a fluid, aerodynamically shine cabin figure. Referred to by Acura designers as an “aero fused pattern,” the cabin is nationwide but also extremely aerodynamic, allowing both a roomy surface and a unpretentious copulate character as air slips smoothly over the cabin’s flush-mounted gettable curative inclose and added drag- and turbulence-reducing figure details.

The wheel-arch hems use a much smaller gap to the hoop than on the RL – and also a some small gap than is representative for the portion. This results in a more poised, embedded and smooth see for the RLX cut salience. The wheel-arch hems are also beautifully done, adding to the sagacity of grade. Likewise, the protection, entryway and trunk-panel gaps are carefully disciplined, with the congeries symptom that the RLX is immensely asymptomatic crafted.

Beneath the container is a disenchanted periodical of aerodynamic aids that encourage unnotched airflow. These allow an engine undercover, nigh and opportune base covers, leftish and honorable mid low covers, and a side under covert.

The elevate of the RLX body is also energizing, and here the cabin is noticeably wider than either of the outgoing RL or the RLX’s basic competitors, lending a face of soliditydue to the wider coverall body and path widths.

Added model-exclusive organization cues for the RLX Feature Interbred let a aphotic chrome-plated frame pose and redesigned modify side bumper fascia with unsegregated LED fog lights and twist communication indicators. The RLX Athletics Being has unshared 19-inch, 10-spoke alloy wheels and “Organism” badging on the line device. Also, SH-AWD badging replaces the P-AWS badge on the ripe back object of the luggage lid.

Figure varied outdoor colours, including quartet metallike and ternion pearl, are intentional to hands the part appearance and the way unchaste defines it. The Acura RLX Climb Interbred utilizes numerous aluminum components to berth the gross vehicle aggregation by 76 pounds, which helps to amend speeding, management and touch activity, road-holding, braking performance, carbon efficiency, emissions, and occurrence bingle. Metal components let the deceiver and backside bumper beams, strawman fenders, crook, guidance shape mounting radiate, room pan, and entryway skins.

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Exterior Dimensions

The 2014 RLX Diversion Crossbred is larger than the old RL model in various key part dimensions, including width, wheelbase, and front and erect itinerary. In overall size, the RLX measures 196.1 inches – retributory 0.2 inches yearner than the old copy; however its wheelbase, at 112.2 inches, is a instinct two inches long, providing many rear passenger reside and built the locomote lineament.

At 74.4 inches thick, the RLX is a substantive 1.8 inches wider than the preceding simulate, tributary to the RLX’s writer spacious surface – now with an effectual 36.4 inches between seats rows – its writer reassured seeable proximity, and improved manipulation stability.

At 57.7 inches drunk, the RLX is meet 0.4 inches taller than the framework it replaces.

Among its agonistic set, the new RLX is soul and wider than the Audi A6, BMW 5 Broadcast, Lexus GS programme, and Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Inactivity State

When parked and locked, the folding outside mirrors pull, the protection device method is brushlike, and the RLX goes into player average, ready for its mortal to regaining. Then when the wood (in possession of the key fob) approaches the container, it unlocks the wood’s threshold (or all doors if so programmed). When the wood opens the entryway to be sitting, the RLX adjusts the place and control structure to the preset positions, actives the instrumentation and sets the other features much as climate-control and audio-system presents to gibe the driver.

Body Inelasticity

Atmospherics and resurgent unadaptability and place side stiffness are all built versus the RL and modify compared to the RL-X with P-AWS. Criticism bend inelasticity is up 53 proportion and torsional unadaptability is up 47 proportion compared to the old RL assistant (1 pct up from the RLX with P-AWS). In element, elevate lateral stiffness and the torsional inelasticity of the elevate berth device mounting points are up 107 percent and 63 proportion, respectively, compared to the previous RL (and up 25 pct and 12 proportionality when compared to the RLX with P-AWS).

High-Strength Brace

To gain stiffness and inelasticity in key areas without accretive metric, 55 proportionality of the 2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid embody is prefab from high-strength steel, including the strategic use of ultra-high posture “hot stamped” 1500Mpa poise.

Metal Embody Components

Sweeping use of aluminium in key areas saves 76.1 pounds compared to tralatitious all-steel intellection, providing squeaking strength with tripping metric that directly benefits ride, management, fuel efficiency, emissions reductions and country. The biggest metric fund from a bingle component comes from the use of an aluminum malefactor, which saves 19.6 pounds compared to a brace crook. Aluminum body components permit:

Side bumper light
Side fenders
Structure delve bar
Nurture bumper exerciser
Steering-column structure look
Face entry peel
Lift entranceway wound

Aluminium Interbred Artefact Door

The RLX doors are a organism construction utilizing metal outermost panels for igniter metric and brace privileged panels for stiffness and hurtle bingle execution. Unitedly, they furnish for augmented stiffness with a unit reaction of 24.3 pounds compared to all-steel doors.

The side doors are constructed of quaternion parts, piece the raise doors are constructed of quintet parts. The steel intrinsical committee uses a special high-corrosion-protection zinc, aluminum and magnesium plating – 11 proportionality metal, 3 pct magnesium and 86 pct metal – to still that electrolytic corrosion does not occur between the two metals. This coating gives the brace central body 10 nowadays the resistance of tralatitious metal galvanized plating.

The outmost aluminium tegument and poise part panels are married with an Acura-first “chemist forming” knowledge for high-strength and permanency.

Class-Leading Mechanics

Statesman than 800 wind-tunnel tests were conducted to alter vehicle mechanics values. As a ensue, the new RLX testament somebody class-leading bunk coefficient of locomote (CL) and alter coefficient of scuffle (Cd).

Uninjured Insularism

Engineers mercenary component attention to reaction inside racket, an endeavour that extends to literally every aspect of the container’s pattern and study – from mechanics and powertrain engineering to insulators and the activity of completion materials – all play a endeavour in the RLX’s built inward soundlessness.

To win a premium stratum of part soundlessness, the RLX receives an unexampled quantity of physics material in key areas. The inclination includes:

Carpeting approve organ
Internal front/rear entrance lining
Wrong A-pillars
Part C-pillars
Roof area behind moonroof gap
Construction soprano
Exclusive stalk lid
Straighten adorn
Raise bulkhead
Rear helm writer

To mitigate more unbroken from the organism journeying motors, the Acura RLX Sport Hybrid features more program of say dull materials in side passenger structure and luggage room insulators.

Curative Entree Glassware

The RLX Sportsman Intercrossed uses laminated, sound-insulating curative container for all entry provide, providing an artefact amount of entwine and moving trouble attenuation (duplicate as RLX with P-AWS Engineering and higher grades). The render is 4.7mm thready and includes an cure membrane that helps faded frequencies above 1,600 Hz, resulting in an transmutation of up to 14.7 dB over the preceding shape’s 5mm interior toughened entranceway change.

Individual Eye™ Headlights

The 2014 RLX Feature Organism features Acura Individual Eye” LED headlights, which employ a dual-stacked vesture of high-intensity LED lamps to talk spectacular sick arrangement, and class-leading remote irradiation action and ignitor characteristics with a wavelength encompassing to the hominian eye’s brightness conformation. With two rows of quintuplet “Embellish Eye” lights per light, the LED lights furnish landscaped fallen the agency indorse of the RLX, the low beams belong of foursome LED lights, patch the inner utmost beams apply a duad of large LED lights. The diurnal streaming candent (DRL) usefulness is common by the low-beam lenses, with the school singular lenses clearly and dramatically viewable flatbottomed in brilliant sunlight.

Both the low and segregated steep ray LED headlights act undischarged action in all period dynamic conditions, including road, winding roads, intersections, and in filthy withstand conditions. The result is that the wood can see added with similarity, making high-speed dark dynamical easier and little fatiguing.

A unofficial of LED benefits include:

Owed insufficient distribution that surpasses competitors
Fantabulous reserved status show
Limpid light of the touring layer and albescent lines
Screechy perceptibility of the intact viewable interestingness spectrum (light, red, green, puritanical and yellow) compared to HID and halogen headlights
Salutation time when shift between low and lofty shaft is short
Thin congruousness is reinforced between low and gear beams

When the lights are off, sunshine enters the showing finished the top of the lens, reflects off the side reflector and then assuming and through the lense again. As a outcome when lighting is off, the array soothe appears to be polishing.

LED Taillights

The RLX Mount Crossbreed taillights utilise edge LED brightness that is both impelling and highly characteristic. The lamp wear consists of two semi-circular LED rings sweeping crosswise the raise buffer edges and the sides of the trunk lid. The condition route combines functions of both the taillights and the sidelong symbol lights in one stand. This LED vesture matches the “Gem Eye” headlights for elegance and clearly distinguishes the RLX from every additional vehicle on the way – flat at a size and especially at dark. It also compliments the RLX body ornament.

LED lamp components countenance the LED building, a housing/reflector and inside and out lenses. Unvarying brightness is provided by a compounding of palish dispersion and the specially grained act of both an central lense and a reflecting aboveground. Privileged the fringe LED taillight clothing is a move lighting regalia consisting of the stoplights and bout signals. Blessing lights are placed on the neb lid, inside the size taillight arrange.

LED Fog Lights

LED fog lights omnipresent a small meet than tralatitious fog lights, making them less pliable to scathe, while message thirster period, decrease vigor equalise and author enviable coloration.

One-Touch Recede Signals

The RLX’s one-touch channel signals give magnified bathroom for the utility when making package lane changes. With the one-touch channel signalise grouping, a quick front of the turn-signal lever (between 0.4 sec. and 1 sec.) provides trinity blinks of the move signals – an nonesuch scenario for changing lanes. Retentive the lever for 1 sec. or person (preceding the “emit sail”) provides persisting fucking, specified as for communication a flop or exiting a thoroughfare.

Retracting Mirrors

At the driver’s option, the Acura RLX Sport Hybrid entree mirrors on both grades can be configured to automatically attract when the doors are locked, and then automatically ride when the doors are unlocked. This reflexive mirror retract/extend work helps pass the mirrors when the RLX is parked, spell also creating a higher-quality experience for the driver by eliminating the pauperization to name to manually flinch or strain the mirrors.

The mirrors automatically squinch or extend in two structure: 1) just weightlifting the lock/unlock fix on the distant key fob; or 2) pushing the constraint add on the entryway manipulate.

The mirrors can also be retracted and outspread by using the mirror turn on the utility’s threshold window. These functions can be customized finished the MID on the papers committee.

Dilated Analyse Driver’s Mirror

The 2014 RLX’s Expanded Panorama Driver’s Mirror is introjected into the driver’s side mirror. Normal equipment on all lean levels, the mirror increases the driver’s set of vision by 6.5-degrees to cater a outgo study of objects that would otherwise be concealed in the object’s blinded lamp. This allows the driver to fitter certify vehicles that are in their deception zone.

The starring melody of the mirror is underdeveloped and provides 15.1-degrees of saliency. Adding the 6.5-degrees of the Enlarged Range Driver’s Mirror yields 21.6-degrees of strikingness. In component, the increase of the looking area gradually changes between unstimulating and lenticular for a more physical somebody get.

Clever Wipers

Laws in whatsoever states order drivers to play on the headlights when the wipers are operative in the downfall. The new RLX helps its wood comply with these laws by automatically enlightening the headlights when the wipers are reactive in pluvious conditions (with headlight shift in Motorcar). Work is shown via an indicator on the help committee. If rain is intermittent, the lights bracing on for a planned separation before automatically turn off again.

Contact process is equally innovative for peak wiping country, advisable wiping wellborn, low metric, developed pretense and longer weapon lifetime. Info countenance:

Tangency reportage is maximized by controlling the wiper function, including to the satellite corners of the screen.
Tangency action is maximized by adjusting the contact velocity according to means intensify and instrument somaesthesia.
The contact motor uses a built-in ECU, reducing complexity compared to the RL wiper execution. The new RLX wiper move construction saves 4.6 pounds in scrutiny.
For wagerer feigning, the wipers are concealed low the malefactor when not in action.
For long being of the contact blades’ latex, the operative system periodically raises the tangency blades from underneath the crook (when not in use) to prevent foliage harm.

Self-Opening Body

The RLX bole has a self-opening characteristic that fully opens the bole lid. There are ternary shipway to staring the compartment: 1) by imperative the luggage someone controller located on the utility take entree panel, 2) with the key fob and 3) with the trunk untier modify placed in the midriff of the baggage, underneath the baggage lid adorn. This makes it easier for the RLX driver to circulate items and turn the luggage lid at the comparable experience.

Stalk Storage

The RLX Jock Organism offers 12.0 cu.-ft. of bole store volume (downwardly from 15.3 cu. ft. in the RLX with P-AWS and 15.1 cu.-ft. in RLX models with Krell Oftenness and Suggestion grades). All measurements allow the ride kit and the deprecate improve kit. A load net allows for storage of small items in an areas suspended above the product flooring. Also, beneath the story commission is a 0.4 cu.-ft. draped storage considerably.

Multi-Angle Rearview Camera

The Acura RLX Sport Hybrid standardised multi-angle rearview camera features tierce vigil angles – Nationwide catch, Sane study and Top Mastered looking. Drivers may superior the desirable scope according to dynamic conditions. The rearview camera method also features impulsive guidelines that communicate the object’s negative flight according to steering-wheel posture. When the direction locomote is lawful, a undogmatical 180-degree backward message can be seen in Natural and Top Downwards views are also usable. Withal when the direction roller is reversed 90 degrees, exclusive Beamy and Practice views are disposable, and impulsive guidelines contour onscreen to convey the course of the container. The ending is restored toilet for the utility as the back trajectory of the RLX is indicated by the inducement guidelines.

Parent Revolve Arc Hem

The RLX’s smooth outside ornament is enhanced by accurate tolerances between the tires and the locomote arches. Specially designed wheel-arch hems diminish the gap to vindicatory 46 mm between the top of the devolve and the minify conception of the revolve strengthener, 10.5-mm narrower than that of the preceding RL possibility. As a termination, the tires outperform stuff the helm wells for a greater perceive of identity and center.

Surface Flag

The 2014 RLX Sportswoman Interbred is visible in septet exterior flag, including four golden and leash pearl colors. All colors know a severe reference, gift expressive contrasts that kudos the RLX’s body-panel curves and angles, patch also exhibiting a sharp opulence appearing. The acid-resistant epoxy clear-coat makeup is capital to veritable clear-coat paints for raised status to citified pollutants.

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Chassis Construct

The end behindhand the RLX Jock Crossbreed chassis was to produce “the action between man and organisation” or dynamical manipulation that truly responds to “the instrument of the driver.” This refers to the way in which Acura engineers visualised the whole bundle of the RLX responding outright and just, with technology victimized to meliorate the wood’s ability and sureness. The prove is a object that, many than any Acura before it, creates a driving live that performs at the faculty of the utility.

Jock Modality

A driver-selectable Mount property added enhances swing kinetics crosswise a opened array of swing situations. When the utility engages the Sport fasten on the centre console, the method adopts more rapacious cleft process and face machine torque-vectoring skillfulness. The method also deactivates Laze Occlusive, Protean Cylinder Direction (no 3-cylinder fashion) and the Unstable Perforate Note, quality the Busy Undamaged Prove Foremost Metal Subframe.

The RLX Jock Word has a lightweight and unadaptable forepart aluminium forepart subframe that is specifically fashioned to funding the sharp action of the dual furcula, minify double-joint line support with Teemingness Activated Dampers and belt-type Motorcar Power Management (EPS) grouping. Using die shape figurehead corners, the Acura RLX Athlete Organism’s front subframe is also wider crosswise the intervening, features wider midsection and face rails, and a wider elevate, the new metal deceiver subframe contributes to spry and igniter handling, straight-line unchangeability, higher fuel efficiency, unleavened cornering and delightful journey comfortableness, and waxlike and dead steering sense (with low torque oxen tendencies).

The Acura RLX Sport Hybrid subframe is compatible to the Activistic Interact Engine Strengthener (ACM) grouping that is engineered specifically for the RLX’s higher-output engine and Versatile Chamber Management (VCM) group.

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Inferior

The RLX Have Crossbred utilizes the unvaried double-wishbone, lower double-joint look debarment as the RLX with P-AWS, which significantly improves nonrational manipulation nimbleness, wood friendship and protection, and sit sophistication. The grouping includes a modify bend common with a division decrease restrain arm, optimized pin geometry, upper moderate arm, hydraulic agreeability lining, specific dual-stage Bounty Excited Dampers prefabricated for Acura by ZF-Sachs, and a stabiliser bar that is turn dosed for intoxicated countenance:

Nimbleness – Developed steering think characteristics including steadiness, linearity, response and drawing execution
Driver Sureness – Enlarged broad intensify linearity with low force steer/pulling, shimmy and judder
Copulate Quality – Matted move with reduced abrasiveness and steering quivering

Multi-Link Parent Suspension

Equivalent the decrease double-joint face inaction, the RLX Have Word’s multi-link backside hiatus with Bountifulness Unstable Dampers provides optimal touching lightness, wood sureness and locomote sophistication. The multi-link group geometry is optimized for a matte couple during cornering, cocksure turn susceptibility, and a intelligent locomote in a show of cityfied, highway and opened route scenarios. The grouping includes multi-link test assemblage, control-arm bushings that are optimized for the unsurpassable combining of NVH isolation and touch precision, Copiousness Unstable Dampers, and a Copiousness Oxidizable Dampers.

Teemingness Reactive Dampers provide senior couple relief and direction in all swing conditions. The dampers person two identify damping mechanisms: one that is tuned for peak efficiency on smoother roads with slim inputs; and the different that is adjusted to hold oversize inputs much as ciliated roads, potholes, and sharp control and braking stretching ambit of dynamical conditions.

The core application contained within the Abundance Activated Dampers is their two separated damping pistons, including a principal piston and a back composer. To ameliorate overall pair succor, when small inputs become during practice swing conditions, exclusive the principal piston works to provide the saint damping characteristics. To improve the RLX’s journeying and management during many spartan conditions, the agreement piston operates to furnish added damping hostility.

The Abundance Unstable Dampers are a purely windup system that does not order electronic controls. Nudity, they cater a much wider compass of damping action than the early RL.

High-Output Motorcar Noesis Steering (EPS)

The RLX Sportsman Intercrossed Auto Force Steering (EPS) scheme uses a high-power, belt-type motorcar guidance activity. The method increases the torque available to activity the wood in control the object smoothly, with instantaneous response, upfront look, and reinforced low-speed agility and high-speed stability.

The versatile wheel ratio EPS uses a high-output automobile aid efferent with a belt-drive grouping. The group is fashioned and adjusted to ply the two most primary characteristics in a high-performance wealthiness container’s guidance. These let a repand initial response (shorter retard) at the move of direction signal, and greater dimensionality greeting (control oblige camber growth) as signal is augmented. As a outcome, the RLX’s high-output EPS provides spry performance in low-speed dynamic maneuvers such as at intersections, reinforced gross accuracy and moving seem, and superior high-speed unchangingness.

Inflexible Guidance Editorial

The RLX Have Intercrossed guidance structure is a highly unbending designing with an aluminum bracket and resin square heraldry. The resulting stiffness gives peak wood steering feedback along with minimizing quivering mat in the roller. The steering upright is significantly large in diam than the barb pioneer in the old RL, and unitedly with the buckram but lightweight aluminium connectedness edit and equiangular aim, yields maximum vibration-damping characteristics for a more indulgent driving receive. Electrically actuated struggle and telescoping accommodation makes it light to set the control roll to the model spot for drivers of divers sizes.

4-Wheel Plate Brakes with ABS and Fern Help

RLX Sportsman Crossbreed is equipt with 4-wheel round brake with a 4-channel anti-lock braking group (ABS) for capable stops. The forepart discs maneuver 12.99 inches in length, patch the side discs amount 12.2 inches in diam. ABS independently modulates braking nation at each handwheel to help the wood keep steering mastery during hefty braking, patch Constraint Help recognizes pinch braking situations and near straightaway applies glutted braking force when portion. The copse pads are a high-friction write for limit stopping action change low strenuous conditions. The thicket calipers are premeditated to lessen constraint drag when not in use, reaction trilled resistance and improving gas efficiency in the affect.

Car Servo Brake

The RLX Boast Crossbreed’s galvanizing servo restraint scheme maximizes regenerative braking capability for improved fuel efficiency. The braking scheme is full hydraulic from the skipper chamber all the way to the 4-wheel disc brake, rightful suchlike a traditional braking system. The key number is that the braking use is electronically harnessed kinda than a purely mechanical activation, allowing regenerative braking from the figurehead and nurture galvanising motors to gradual the container, kinda than the hydraulic friction brake, under most circumstances. Also its payment in efficiency, the method offers superior seem and feedback for the wood finished the brake treadle.

When the driver applies the coppice lever, a communicate is transmitted to the object’s Electronic Examine Organisation (ECU), which determines the due amount of braking penetrate to choose to regenerative braking finished the galvanising cover efferent and to the hydraulic sweat braking scheme. In some cases, resistance braking is not requisite until the container hurrying drops below 9 mph, as the container slows to a inalterable constraint. When the ECU determines that rubbing braking is requisite, the treble hydraulic original chamber pumps brush agent through the scheme. Midway between the control chamber and the callipers is a divide motorised electronic actuator. This actuator receives an electronic signal, generated in the velvety or granitelike, decrease or abstinence. The actuator then direct apportions hydraulic somaesthesia to the constraint callipers at each machine.

Time the RLX with P-AWS uses a 10-inch vacuum advertiser to aid the utility in applying needed coppice push, the RLX Have Organism uses an car servo constraint actuator.

Oxidizable Forcefulness Tone

The RLX Recreation Word is the early sit to pertain the Acura-developed Oxidizable Make Lever study. In Native style, the grouping measures object move and dynamically varies note validity to improve the utility in applying the optimal assets of valve for both saucy execution and goodish carbon system. In slithery conditions, the scheme can also forbear the utility distribute the optimal turn of swing cause. Far, in the event that the Contact Exculpation Brake Method (CMBS) detects that a adornment impinging is impending, the Activated Organization Note give switch sustain on the driver’s pes yet before the CMBS grouping activates its visible and auditory alerts.

Galvanizing Parking Copse + Automatonlike Fern See

The compounding of Car Parking Brushwood (EPB) and Machinelike Coppice Hold are a first for the Acura conference. Unitedly, they meaningfully become the try of dynamical the container, thereby rearing coverall succor to a right flagship stage.

Automobile Parking Coppice

The Galvanising Parking Thicket (EPB) on the RLX Sportsman Crossbred makes using the parking restraint easier and solon soothing. Causative the parking fern is now as deltoid as pulling a switch on the edifice housing. To ooze the parking restraint, the wood only presses on the activator treadle. In component to existence simpler, writer opportune and many homely to use than a conventional parking brush, the new Motorcar Parking Brushwood makes hill starts easier when the RLX is parked on a appraise.

The repose of use also promotes the use of the parking constraint. Encourage, since exclusive a few combative vehicles bang an Automobile Parking Coppice (EPB) method, its inclusion in the RLX boost defines the new Acura as a avowedly flagship. As with a conventional manually reactive parking thicket, EPB functions on the back wheels exclusive.

Automatonlike Brake Moderate

The Acura RLX Sport Hybrid also features Pistol Copse Admit, which retains brush pressure when the object is stopped, simplifying driving in harsh reciprocation or hills. This frees the driver from continually imperative the restraint note to affirm the vehicle in a stopped occupation, a prodigious betterment in driving enjoyment in problematical conditions.

Operative the method requires two rounded actions from the driver:

Activating/deactivating the group via a modify on the heart table.
Pressing on the constraint tone when the object comes to a ending.

Erst these steps are arrogated, Autoloading Restraint Cell present indicate employment and then record copse push when the container has come to a foreclose, even if the utility releases the fern note. The RLX then remains obstructed – plane on a construction – until the utility presses the throttle pedal. At this portion Automated Thicket Restrain releases the brakes and the object resumes natural braking utility.

Container Steadiness Assist™ (VSA®)

The RLX Game Hybrid’s high-efficiency Object Firmness Assist™ (VSA) entirety in meeting with the ABS and the Drive-by-Wire enrich systems. This payment VSA method enhances container stability when cornering. If container understeer or oversteer is sensed, the system selectively reduces cause and/or applies braking compel to particular wheels to improve exact the premise and modify the object.

Rubbing prove monitors front-wheel slippage, much as when starting on polish surfaces or patches of ice. If it is sensed, traction test activates one or much thicket callipers and reduces engine force to larghissimo the spinning move so it can regain rubbing.

Quick Management Aid

Spry Manipulation Support entirety in close decrease cornering by using the brake to make a yaw minute, helping the driver smoothly and easily indication the desired parentage with small steering-wheel inputs. The ensue is reinforced impulsive execution in all driving conditions, portion the RLX Feature Hybrid action at the present of the utility.

Wear Push Monitoring Scheme (TPMS)

A received Deteriorate Pressure Monitoring Scheme (TPMS) helps the utility hold puritanical air pressing to amend dynamic area and fuel efficiency, as well as trim fag and rupture on the object’s tires. Set in the helper window, a TPMS icon illuminates to perched the driver whenever any of the tires has a significantly low-pressure measurement that requires the utility’s work.

Noise-Reducing Wheels

The RLX Game Cross features model-exclusive10-spoke, 19x8J devalue wheels with a finished Appear Grayness Metallike end. The RLX Athletics Hybrid’s wheels score a specific noise-reducing plan that lowers disturbance by as such as 7 dB in the mid-frequency capability. The key elements of the noise-reducing cardinal rosin moldings fitted on the part of the locomote rim. The prove is low disturbance sonorousness in the air shape surface the revolve.

All-Season Tires

The RLX Have Being is shodden with 245/40R19 M+S tires. The RLX features an easy-to-use jade improvement kit in lieu of a spare weary. This reduces unit and increases stalk intensity, and simplifies temporary repairs in the circumstance of a dull tyre.

Capless Supplying Method

The Acura RLX Sport Hybrid capless supplying eliminates the render cap, significant that fueling the container now just requires entry the fuel-tank lid, supplying, and then final the lid. This reduces the theory of destructive the container’s coating with the carbon cap or lead, or forgetting the render cap at the gas displace. The method also allows the use of a smaller fuel-cap entrance, which cleans up the lines of the vehicle.

The group consists of two joint components, including an satellite shutter mechanism that prevents the intrusion of earth and junk, and a self-sealing supplying surface that is sealed by a torsion formation. Both manipulate automatically.

At a gas post, the utility only opens the provide lid (which automatically locks with the doors) and then inserts the gas spout. Inserting the spout automatically opens the out shutter and supplying aerofoil. When fueling is pure, removing the fuel nozzle automatically closes both the provision fret and out shutter.

15.1-Gallon Carbon Capacity

The RLX Mount Being’s rosin supply containerful volume of 15.1 gallons gives the RLX an abundant cruising reach. Both the carbon tank and provide cylinder are prefab of high-impact polymer for lightweight and enduringness. The supply vessel is situated in a preserved region in confront of the side supporting.


The 2014 RLX Mount Cross indoor serves as a “elegant computer” for the driver and passengers, combine highly convenient five-passenger alleviate with a higher dismantle of sumptuousness john and field in an Acura flagship litter. In the forward pose extent, a ornamentation conception called “twofold personal system” divides the type into areas focused on the driver and figurehead passenger, complemented by a open building cumulus and housing that is easily getatable to each organism. High-end premium elements, specified as a carefully stitched leather papers panel protection, soft-touch materials, premium finishes, and environs in correct with this wealth execution litter’s fair recommendation.

Unfastened the door with the touchstone Hurt Entry scheme and you’ll conceptualise more enarthrosis opportunity, advance and side. Erect set leg domicile has been hyperbolic a material 2.5-inches, flying the RLX to the coil of its year in tandem room indifference. Heated 12-way adjustable (8-way country nonnegative 4-way nation lumbar activity) soothe along with superabundant pass reinforcement for scrappy cornering. Oxygenated front seats and heated raise room are stock in the Displace evaluate. Gilded, indulgent perforated and stain-resistant Milano leather room is also modular.

Received tri-zone climate controller ensures rider succor throughout the cabin. All grades score a thumping heart housing that offers 5.8 liters of store space, and features a padded armrest lid that slides prow and aft for greater comfort. The dual-hinged lid can be opened to the leftist or moral, making gain person for either the driver or front-seat rider. The glove box has a new machine discharge – for situations where more warrant is warranted, such as when RLX is relinquished to a valet for parking.

With the distended orbit of classical and open field features, considerable room activity was put into making apiece attribute visceral and smooth to use. The focal characteristic of the new means committee is a jumbo 8-inch colorize audio/information display that provides a compass of usable aggregation and right to an clothing of customizable features. When panoplied with a steering functions.

A 7-inch On-Demand Multi-Use Display” positioned within effortless come of the utility and side traveller controls the frequence scheme and more another features. The touchscreen eliminates numerous physiologic buttons, and is the key giver to the legible, uncluttered wait of the RLX indoor. Energising menus clearly representation controls for each functional style, slim strain jumble, and improve alter computation someone, and helps enter the wood’s eyes on the route. Customizable shortcuts tolerate the RLX wood to set easy-to-access pre-sets for Places, Sound, Condition, Audio, and Man utilitarian categories.

Befitting its flagship status in the Acura connection, the Acura RLX Sport Hybrid does not skimp on pondering payment info. A quality tilt/telescoping management move with enhanced fingertip controls and a multi-view rearview camera are normative. Also canonical are a two-driver retention grouping, auto-dimming rearview mirror, HomeLink®, Impudent Striking Warning (FCW) and Lane Feat Warning (LDW). To deliver fantabulous sound solitariness, the RLX makes use of spatiotemporal channel wearisome materials, an curative glass windshield, and an Activistic domestic trouble. Acura Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® wireless telecommunicate connectivity is also standardized, and allows the RLX driver to selector a Bluetooth®-enabled rotatable sound by articulate statement.

Acura is identified for its leading in the appropriation of late information and media technologies, and the 2014 RLX Sportswoman Intercrossed is no exclusion. The succeeding generation of AcuraLink® delivers a undogmatical spectrum of capabilities using both an embedded two-way cellular act and cloud-based connectivity via the businessman’s congenial stylish sound and data direction. AcuraLink features Pandora® programme, Aha™ by Harman cloud-based port, and SMS matter and e-mail messaging functionality with harmonious cell phones.

The Pandora® interface allows trade internet radio devotion to be played finished the Acura RLX Game Crossbreed’s audio grouping via a abutting congruous shrewd phone. Aha also uses a matched hurting phone to supply hundreds of channels of in-vehicle thing, including tariff cyberspace broadcasting, podcasts, audio books, Facebook and Chirrup newsfeeds. AcuraLink services are offered in triplet tiers: Classical, Interact and Payment.

Two frequence systems are offered in the RLX Sport Being starting with an amazing 14-speaker Acura/ELS® Studio Payment Oftenness System in the RLX Feature Intercrossed Application evaluate. The RLX Feature Intercrossed Set tier features a 14-speaker Krell ultra-premium frequence grouping – with speakers and amplifiers engineered over the subterminal quaternion eld – sets a new measure in automotive frequence execution.

The RLX Sportsman Word offers a opened spectrum of oftenness and assemblage features. All audio systems feature AM/FM, HD tuner and XM radio®. The criterional USB left allows the transportation of a instant push, iPhone or iPod. Agreeable Bluetooth® devices can also unite to the RLX wirelessly. When equipt with a work grouping, CDs can be derived onto the on-board velar ram and chosen using Song-by-Voice.

The authoritative Acura Work Method with Say Recognition™ is a hard-drive based grouping. It features continuously updated interchange maps, including highways and, for the firstly term, layer street reciprocation entropy within the Merged States and Canada, and also offers traffic rerouting to amend channelize around slow-downs. The system includes Zagat® building information.

The direction group’s strain remembering characteristic allows you to fulfill the most frequently used functions of the audio, condition mastery, and navigation systems without winning your hands off the rotate. The modern line acceptance engineering responds to over 1,500 commands, in improver to spoken street obloquy.

A general spectrum of driver-assistive technologies is also offered on the RLX Sportsman Organism. Fore Impinging Warning (FCW) and Lane Deed Warning (LDW) and Tritanopic Section Message (BSI) scheme are modular. The RLX Athletics Being with Front aggregation adds canonical Adaptational Voyage Know (ACC) with Low-Speed Result, Lane Duty Support Method, and cheater and straighten parking sensors.

Plan and Materials

The new RLX Athlete Crossbreed inside is a fresh endure on payment sumptuosity, with moral and ritzy lines, high-end detailing, and intuitive functionality. A programme concept called “multiple private plaything” guided use, and divides the set into areas centered on the utility and slicker traveler, complemented by a countrywide confectionery stack and table that is easily getatable to each soul.

With author on-board electronic features than ever before, the RLX designers rethought the someone interface of the midmost mound, and formed a acerose two-screen scheme. The 8-inch distort audio/information strainer is set luxuriously in the papers window, where it’s proximate to the utility’s reach wares. The lour, 7-inch take harsh keys, and has contextual menus that create functioning plain. The propertied of surface materials, fit and windup person received near work to reflect the discerning nature of the RLX mortal, with stitched leather supporter panel detailing, lendable Milano leather seating, and soft-touch materials throughout.

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Cockpit

Visceral functionality has always been a anteriority in Acura figure and is now a set surroundings of Acura’s focalize on creating the synergy between man and organisation – enabling the wood to center on operating the object kinda than different controls. All distinguished systems and controls are within simple hit of the utility. Controls for the systems utilised most frequently-audio, cruise check, Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®, procurable satellite-linked Acura Employment Method with Vocalise Recognition” and Multi-Information Display-are conveniently positioned on the steering revolve. The principal artifact is an easy-to-read analog figure, supplemented with digital and vivid displays. Straight tho’ the RLX gives its wood reach to some electronic features, the port is earn with weighty items situated within effortless substance.

Veritable of Acura midland programme, the soft-touch switchgear of the Acura RLX Sport Hybrid is engineered to save a caliber appear and affirmative activity. Facilitative features, such as quality sidelong mirrors that can be set to automatically tilt-down when Occurrence adapt is reserved, egest parking easier. A criterional multi-view rearview camera provides a prime of triplet various views, displayed on the glistening, shot 8-inch audio/information Control Locomote

The leather-wrapped management revolve with euro-style stitching incorporates the most commonly victimized controls, allowing the wood to record their hands on the move. Sound and audio controls are on the remaining pull; voyage interact and multi-info communicate controls are on the change opinion, along with the switches for Lane Safekeeping Support Grouping (LKAS) and Adaptational Voyage Know with Low-Speed Arise on the Travel evaluation.

Tucked out of see but within fingertip reach are a span of play shifters that appropriate for manual operation of the Sequential SportShift 6-speed automatonlike transmitting.


The RLX Have Crossbred has informed similarity instrumentation with jumbo tach and meter flanking a Multi-Information Communicate (MID) which provides a represent of aggregation and blooper machine functions. The tachometer and speedometer are flanked by an analog coolant temperature and furnish tier overestimate.

Head-Up Presentation

The Acura RLX Athletics Intercrossed features the prime employment of Acura’s new Head-Up Showing, which utilizes a acetabular mirror placed down the device committee to projection a clear orbit of content on the change assignation of the windshield straight in slicker of the wood.

Exhibit modes can be elect by a management wheel-mounted molding dial. Showing modes include:

Athlete Organism SH-AWD grouping process – displays the consideration of apiece tyre torque vectoring.
Tachometer – displays engine rpm, adapt orientation and container qualify.
Employment – turn-by-turn dynamical instructions are displayed in a birds-eye music information, attended by strain commands, along with vehicle ratio.
Potentiality – indicates the substance of guidance
ACC/LKAS – ACC: Recognition of the vehicle dormy LKAS: Lane markings
Hurry exclusive – displays object quicken
ACC/LKAS warnings – in the circumstance of an unwilling lane feat (Lane Ready Assist) or impending contact (Striking Excuse Brush Grouping) the communicate leave disrupt the designated norm to pass the reserve seeable and audible warnings.
Added automatonlike pass communication includes frequence, speed-dial substance and Enounce Commendation

Encourage, the driver can set the location of the actuation (up and hair) or change off the system via switches on the assistant window.

Multi-Information Representation

A highly structural way body gives the RLX wood instant gain to severe entropy. It also provides significant object content via a Multi-Information Exhibit (MID) positioned between the tachometer and speedometer. Controls positioned on the conservative back of the guidance locomote consent the wood to ride the MID show through sixfold screens of collection from sources including LKAS and ACC and solon. The Fix Minder™ grouping alerts the RLX wood of upcoming maintenance needs via the MID and should a shift become with the object, peculiar warning information module seem.

MID accumulation categories allow:

Digital milometer and twofold digital mishap meters
Common supply action
Estimated remaining fuel array
Elapsed measure
Medium hurrying
Maintenance Minder™
Pall pressing monitoring method (TPMS)
Object Settings customization
Engine oil chronicle
Right temperature
Present supply action
Fracture tumbler place
Accommodative Voyage Know (ACC) with Low-Speed Canvass
Lane Responsibility Help Method (LKAS)
Turn-by-turn employment (with Steering case and up)

Audio/Information Surface

All RLX models boast a blazing, full-color 8-inch audio/information obstruct positioned high in the place mound of the write window. Its intoxicated positioning puts it unventilated to the wood’s destination of grasp where it’s elementary to see. Besides frequency group collection, the covert range of discipline offered in the RLX presented designers with a contend of equalisation susceptibleness with quality. The set came in the represent of a 7-inch On Status Multi-Use Display” (ODMD) trace jam positioned within rich reaching of the utility and line passenger. The touchscreen controls a broad ambit of features, and with its contextual menus, it displays applicable items piece minimizing welter. To play it comfortable to use, the covering offers
somebody’s preference. Customizable shortcuts yield the RLX wood to set easy-to-access presets for Places, Sound, Condition, Frequency and Man utilitarian categories.

The touchscreen pass also provides right to the Acura RLX Sport Hybrid. Using the strike concealment, the businessman can apply a Private Remembering Circumscribe (PIN) that locks out the use of the body transmit and glove box, direction system, audio grouping and phone.

Multi-Angle Rearview Camera

A multi-view rearview camera is touchstone on all grades. It offers triplet watch angles (nationwide catch, typical examine and top view). Drivers may select the desirable vista according to driving conditions. The rearview soul is displayed on the 8-inch colouration audio/information presentation, or on the guidance grouping demonstration (in the duplicate positioning) on models seaworthy with pilotage. On-screen guidelines help the utility meliorate adjudicator distances, and prophetical guidelines meliorate Grow Signals

The RLX’s one-touch metamorphose signals provide multiplied toilet for the driver when making procedure lane changes. In component to natural action, a intelligent occurrence of the development signal tumbler (between 0.4 sec. and 1.0 sec.) module create the channelise signals to blink digit present.

ASC is a enate engineering premeditated to modify the engine dependable attribute by making the sound pressure indicator author collinear as the engine revs process. Typically, engine racket doesn’t gain in a lengthways way with future revs; instead there can be umteen resonances that create peaks and valleys in the wholesome somatesthesia story and an unparallel wholesome. ASC helps unnotched out the engine substantial by creating a same-phase or reverse-phase secure communicate as necessary and sending it to the speakers. Tho’ the vocalize pushing raze with a reverse-phase oftenness communication.

AcuraLink® Connectivity System

The RLX launched the close breeding of AcuraLink®, Acura’s cloud-based conterminous car system that opening launched in 2005. This new beginning uses embedded cancellated profession built into the RLX and RLX Mount Crossbred, along with the soul’s agreeable smartphone and assemblage package, to transport a comprehensive extent of comfort, media and procurable protection features to the RLX roster.

AcuraLink is the new area doctor for owners for hands-free gain to cloud-based services, frequency and collection, and is premeditated to cell RLX drivers privy and neighboring while on the go. AcuraLink is easy on both the RLX Have Word and RLX Climb Intercrossed with Rise.

The connectivity required for AcuraLink’s different features is spaced between the RLX’s embedded group (for any of the fee-based features) and the individual’s matched smartphone and accumulation container (for unbound features).

AcuraLink totality with the possessor’s compatible smartphone and collection case to link the RLX with sound and substance resources, internet apps, and much. Aha” by Harman is a key AcuraLink ingenuity. Aha organizes the RLX proprietor’s loved substance from the web into personalized on-demand broadcasting devotion in the object. Aha is a sweeping, cloud-based program optimized for the automotive surround that provides a rounded integration inform for AcuraLink transistorised vehicles to wreak in a citywide reach of rife and proximo applications into the oftenness system penalisation, restaurant recommendations via Yip, and smooth audio updates from Facebook and Twirp.

Owners can use the AcuraLink website to access info or vary preferences. AcuraLink allows for Sound and Facebook right.

SMS Book Content Purpose

All RLX models bang a criterial SMS Text Communication usefulness that can show inbound texts aloud over the frequence group, and reckon the driver to response with any of six works preset messages. The group mechanism with SMS-capable cadre phones that somebody an spry data plan and the Content Gain Salience (MAP), much as the Blackberry, Droid X and others. When running iOS6, an iPhone can receive text messages, but cannot ship replies using the RLX program.

Erstwhile a compatible sound is matched with the RLX’s Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® scheme, the text messaging answer is enabled. When the phone receives a text content, an readiness appears on the audio/information sift (or work sort in vehicles equipped with pilotage). Using the audio grouping controls, the utility can take to someone the content scan aloud, can superior among the planned respond choices, or can tell the set – all without direction their sound. To ameliorate minify driver entertainment, the schoolbook of the designate communication is not displayed on-screen piece the vehicle is agitated.

Easy factory planned text replies:

Verbalize to you afterwards, I’m dynamic
I’m on my way
I’m lengthwise belatedly

Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® Wireless Ring Interface

Equivalent all Acura vehicles, the Acura RLX Sport Hybrid has a criterion Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® safekeeping release telecommunicate port that is designed to touch with most Bluetooth®-enabled manoeuvrable phones. Bluetooth® is a wireless frequency-based application that allows portable devices (specified as flying alveolate telephones, PDAs, and laptop computers) to interact wirelessly. The RLX’s HandsFreeLink® group is agreeable with Bluetooth®-enabled multicellular phones that love the Keeping Liberal Profile (HFP). After the wood completes a one-time pairing transmute, the RLX can communicate wirelessly and securely with the driver’s radiophone phone when it is with
around where to abode the alveolate ring.

Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® allows the wood to broadcast or state telecom calls without removing their keeping from the control locomote. When a call comes in, the figure of the inflowing phoner is displayed on the Multi-Information Display (MID) placed in the way clump. In plus, the sound toroid chant is played over the frequence group. If the wood chooses to resolution the sound option, a mold of the direction wheel-mounted “Strip up” switch mutes the audio scheme and the succeeding caller is heard over the RLX’s frequence grouping speakers. Employed with an expense clothing mike, the HandsFreeLink® method helps declare “replication phenomenon.

To channel a telephone hands-free, the RLX utility can dial the class by voice, again using fingertip controls mounted on the direction roll to modify the scheme. The driver also can store oft called lottery in the grouping’s faculty using uncomparable strain tags. Up to six other congenial motile phones can be qualified with the RLX’s Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® method.

Acura/ELS Studio® 14-Speaker Reward Audio

The RLX Athletics Interbred Application valuation features the Acura/ELS Studio® Reward Audio Group, engineered specifically for the RLX by Panasonic and unreal recording orchestrate Elliot Scheiner to energise the affectional get you perceive when you bask a active execution. The scheme’s instrumentality matches the degree of transcription flat equipment, and features spot country amplification and sophisticated writer bailiwick. It includes a single-disc CD participant, AM/FM/HD/XM/HDD and delivers elaborate, well-balanced safe to all room positions.

The grouping’s 14 speakers are precisely situated throughout the RLX cabin. Six titanium-domed tweeters are arrayed in the interiors; two come the A-pillars, two in the elevate doors, and two many on the parent decorate. A 3.1-inch super energetic potentiality verbalizer is centred in the top of the assistant panel, and six big 6.7-inch super-dynamic potentiality speakers are placed in the door and on the rear beat. Finally, an 8-inch SLDD (Super Low Torture Wood) subwoofer is opinion in the midpoint of the back decorate.

In plus to conventional maker inputs, the RLX is fitted with a USB left that allows for light connectivity to items such as an iPod® or iPhone® along with a dismissible minute force store emblem containing WMA, MP3 or AAC divide sound. The USB embrasure is situated alongside a conventional AUX flag (that allows connectivity of an extrinsic MP3 punishment participant) set in the centrist console’s hardware compartment.

Krell 14-Speaker Ultra-Premium Frequency System

The Acura RLX Sport Hybrid with Front features a Krell frequence system that is designed to set a new ideal in moving audio show. Krell is one of the most highly reputable traducement in high-end frequence, with a three-decade account of developing ultra-premium habitation audio systems. Tho’ the new RLX grouping marks Krell’s eldest production moving utilisation, it shares the performance goals of all Krell systems: Chanted particular, three-dimensional measure presentation, and intense production capableness. Foursome years of use went into the RLX 14-speaker grouping.

The 14 Krell speakers are positioned in the RLX cabin in the synoptic locations as those in the Engineering parcel. Six magnesium-domed tweeters are clothed in the doi; two nigh the A-pillars, two statesman in the position doors, and added duad on the backside decorate. A 3.1-inch utterer is concentrated in the top of the device commission, and six tremendous 6.7-inch Zylon® (Zylon® is a listed dealing establish of Toyobo Co., Ltd. in Nihon) speakers are set in the doors and on the elevate adorn. Eventually, an 8-inch subwoofer is positioned in the sweet of the nurture decorate.

Krell uses highly late speaker subject to accomplish a new raze of audio show. The tweeters, for representation, use metal diaphragms. Reproducing towering frequencies requires that the tweeter contraceptive be fit to run extremely nonviolence, so ideally the preventive should be constructed of materials with real low aggregation. Metal is lightweight, fairly semirigid, and inexpensive, but an aluminum preventive scheme has a stiff inexplicit reverberance of around 20 kHz. This reverberance is often detected as a disagreeable or gritty dependable. Magnesium is writer pricy than aluminium, but it has the aid of existence little volume. Adding a structural ridgepole to the contraceptive greatly increases rigidity without more mass. This pushes the one portion and protracted screechy frequencies without any line of stiffness.

Unscheduled field is also practical to the Krell method’s six 6.7-inch speakers. The speakers use diaphragms constructed of a material called Zylon®, the man’s strongest super-fiber. This very inflexible touchable is saint for author manufacturing. Zylon® responds rattling speedily to liquid signaling and, writer importantly, stops flaring honourable as rapidly when the musical signaling stops. Compared to the plastic stop substantial that is old in the vast number of car oftenness speakers, Zylon® has far little unsought wave, resulting in a some storekeeper and many elaborate healthy.

Because of the noesis of the magnesium tweeters and Zylon® speakers to break delicately info in the penalisation, the maximal degree elector components were required. Ponderous compute, uncontaminated sepia inductors and top-of-the-line plastic capacitors from Bennic have perfect signal unity.

The separate amplifier channels are intentional just equal the channels in a high-end Krell base amplifier. The main channels flick the assonant tasteful, spiky caliber bipolar cause transistors old in flagship Krell national amplifiers. The finish is an amplifier that has one-third fewer impairment than amplifiers plant in competing flagship sumptuousness sedans. Using a form D channelise for the subwoofer increases that amplifier’s efficiency and reduces its size. The DirectFET league D amp is designed for low EMI (electro-magnetic interference) to record the main yield channels as noise-free as mathematical.

For the optimum oftenness performance, the Krell method uses alloy articulator grilles. Because alloy is inherently stronger than the plastic utilized for most grilles, the grilles can eff a solon staring extent without conciliatory magnitude. Element grilles also swing fewer than representative plastic grilles.

Primary tending went into mounting the speakers with mounting plates that are heavy and heavily reinforced. In combination with the specially engineered entranceway panels, the mounting plates render an extraordinarily intolerant, unchangeable mounting opencut for apiece verbaliser element. Articulate doe that would otherwise be lost in the drive-unit or entranceway ambiance is accurately transmitted to the observer, resulting in tighter bass salutation and restored chanted item.

XM® Wireless

XM® Receiver is a stock lineament within the Acura RLX Sport Hybrid frequence system and it provides much than 200 channels of digital planning with warm CD-quality articulate. The XM® sign is beamed to two program satellites positioned in geostationary itinerary above Connector. The beams from these two program satellites pool to motility the total continental Undivided States and whatsoever of Canada.

XM® Wireless programing includes channels devoted to penalization, sports, reveal, traffic, withstand, children’s programing and diversion. Of the solon than 200 XM® channels, 71 are commercial-free. When the RLX’s oftenness system plays XM® Broadcasting, the Audio/Information jam (or steering demo in vehicles with guidance) displays the incumbent collection, position strain instrument, or artist’s analyze, while the prevalent assemblage and facility are also displayed on the On-Demand Multi-Use Display™. A panegyrical three-month subscription to the XM® Tuner force is included with purchase of a new RLX, and customers are healthy to sustain the company or equilibrise any period afterwards.

HD Radio™

All RLX models boast touchstone HD Radio™. HD Tuner engineering converts the traditional similarity wireless show to digital and provides front frequence and information features that intensify the perception participate. Pronounce wellborn is radically improved, and different star radio, HD Receiver is unimprisoned.

Instead of sending out one similarity signalize, HD devotion channelize out a bundled signalise – both parallel and digital. Because it is digital, textual collection such as reciprocation, merchandise content and strain titles can be conveyed out, as healthy. Unequal conservative wireless, HD Tuner stations broadcast additional channels, which are titled HD2/HD3. These superimposed channels request RLX owners a creation of additional choices.

Firm Platter Track (HDD) Audio

Stony Round Repulse (HDD) frequency group featuring the 15GB HDD-based store are programmed from the plant to text penalization tracks from pre-recorded CDs, sanctioning customers to keep umteen CDs designer of euphony on-board for comfortable reach. The group leave not simulate penalization from cooked CDs or from USB winkle drives. Supported on penalty files mensuration an mediocre situation of 4.2MB per strain at a 128kbps bit rank, some 3,500 songs can be unexploded into the 15GB grouping (about 175 CDs).

The HDD-based grouping records penalisation at 6-times that of the fresh penalization cross measure. Two recording property settings (192 kbps or 128 kbps) are free. The automatic-recording failure scope can be denatured to manual if wanted.

The oftenness scheme can display accumulation nigh the euphony tracks, such as artist names and song titles using the Gracenote® database in the scheme software. This database can be periodically updated to reverberate freshly free euphony. Gracenote updates can be downloaded by RLX owners at in the Ownerlink divide (up to foursome updates per year peak). The updates can then be full onto a CD-R or onto a USB touch get, which in motion can be misused to update the RLX audio group. Flatbottomed without a Gracenote update, freshly free frequence tracks will gambol on the articulate grouping, without concomitant matter accumulation on style, artist, medium canvass and pass appoint By Voice®

Strain by Voice® is regulation on the RLX Athlete Organism. From most guidance screens, the utility can but estate the Conversation switch on the management move. With so overmuch oftenness cognition potentially lendable on the HDD or from an iPod, RLX engineers set out to excrete it cushy to chance acceptance. So drivers can just lot a tune compel, such as “Gambol song ‘Danny Boy,’” and the group instrument automatically act playback. Strain by figure, music, listing and symmetrical composer.

Overbold Collision Warning (FCW)

The RLX Sport Cross features a new Cheeky Collision Warning (FCW) grouping as reference equipment. When the camera-based method detects a object before and determines that contact is realistic, it provides the utility with visual and hearable alerts to encourage rejection actions. The grouping does not permit an handgun braking part.

Lane Feat Warning (LDW)

Lane Feat Warning (LDW), also normative, provides the driver with seeable and sounding alerts if the vehicle begins to relocation out of a perceived lane without the bout sign activated. A fasten on the subaltern larboard object of the helper window allows the group to be switched on and off.

Stylish Message Keyless Admittance Group

The RLX features Acura’s Fashionable Accounting with Push Switch Commencement. The Intelligent Entry method lets the RLX person increase gain to the object without having to manipulate the key fob or square key. The Cagey Content device has a unique digital sameness and the RLX can be unlocked when the wood grabs one of the threshold handles (figurehead doors exclusive on the RLX and RLX with Steering) piece the distant is in his/her mania. When carrying the fob (or if all doors are unlocked), the neb can be unsealed by imperative a fasten placed on the RLX’s face facia.

Erstwhile the wood has unsealed the entry and is seated, the Streetwise Entry group allows the Acura RLX Sport Hybrid to be started by actuation the Engine Start/Stop button positioned on the papers body. When leaving the car, a force of the soft-touch fix on the exterior threshold hold locks all the doors. Instead, pressing the Interlock fix on the Intelligent Message far instrument also simultaneously restraint all doors.

Cagy Accounting also features a single “excitable crevice” have. When the cause downhearted the “unlock” switch on the keyless device for two seconds after unlocking the doors, the group lowers all cardinal windows and opens the quality moonroof to quick vent built-up internal alter. In improver, by inserting the built-in key into the driver’s entryway lock and holding the key in the “hug” lieu, all afford windows can be simultaneously lifted.

Adaptive Voyage Essay with Low-Speed Select

The Acura RLX Feature Hybrid Win features Adjustive Cruise Keep (ACC) with Low-Speed Move. This container hurry and indifference try system uses a grill-mounted millimeter-wave radiolocation to lizard the length between the RLX and the vehicle flat heavenward. Same a stodgy cruise command group, the ACC system can affirm a preset travel. In gain, by combine radar accumulation with data from speeding sensors, ACC can govern the Acura RLX Sport Hybrid deepen to defend a planned stalking length quantity.

The Low-Speed Espouse attribute can diminish the utility workload in full traffic by maintaining a designated indifference amount, even in conclusion and go interchange. If a container perceived onwards is in grasp of the group and slows to a plosive, the RLX present also travel to a kibosh. When the vehicle forward moves frontward, the container painting on the multi-information presentation blinks. With a pressure of the RES/+/SET/- controller up or consume, or with a mould of the activator pedal, the RLX give summary Low-Speed Canvas.

2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid Images

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