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2012 Falcon F7 Elegant and Luxury Car

February 22nd, 2012 Filed under: Falcon
2012 Falcon F7 Elegant and Luxury Car Black 600x400 2012 Falcon F7 Elegant and Luxury Car

2012 Falcon F7 Elegant and Luxury Car Black

2012 Falcon F7

2012 Falcon F7, The company is known for making changes in the arts of the body and producers of structural members and the Plymouth Prowler and Dodge Viper has a lot of people mistake the car with the Ferrari or Lamborghini. and certainly the attention getter. is a Carbon fiber fiber monocoque carbon fiber / aluminum suspension and interior Ticket incredible power to weight ratio for the uninitiated F7 Cars Sports Falcon and future of Michigan. presented the production version the F7 Falcon Falcon.

Exhibition in 2012 North American International car after a good response to its concept F7 Falcon on display at the Detroit Auto Show 2011 Falcon F7 exterior and interior design inspired by the Super 1980 car with a spectacular design. the curves obtained and deep cuts to meet the demand of the tunnel company intends to sell in the first 15 years of production and over 25 in the second year. then slowly in recent years. the car is in state legitimate standard of spacious super easy and you can place a high output electric drive motor F7 7 liter V8 Falcon. drums of 620 hp the engine responds with a linear elasticity. to ensure genuine driving pleasure.

2012 Falcon F7 Specifications

General Info

Vehicle Type: Coupe
Base Price: $225,000.00


Engine: Natural All Aluminum V8
Displacement: 7.0 Liter
Horsepower: 620 HP
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
0-60 mph: 3.45 seconds
Maximum Speed: 195 mph (313.75 km/h)

F7 Falcon is in the same segment as the Machine Exotic GT created a niche of features seen in the hand makes driving much more expensive properties. are very encouraging because of the high strength and transfer the vehicle only weighs 1.5 tons of fiber body. light carbon fiber through your car does 0-60 mph in 3.3 seconds to 3.6 Sprint has a top speed of 200 mph car exudes quality inside and hand can not fail to appreciate the attention to detail. this engine is coupled with 6-speed manual model on the basis of Ricardo is one of the best global supplier of transmission systems for more information please view photos.

2012 Falcon F7 Elegant and Luxury Car Reds 600x400 2012 Falcon F7 Elegant and Luxury Car

2012 Falcon F7 Elegant and Luxury Car Reds

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